The “You Said” Collection

A set of three posts, reflecting vulnerability and healing after disconnection.

You Said . 1

You said your church was between my thighs

Dark blue bruises, evidence of the last time you went to worship 

Dark blue bruises on a caramel canvas 

Apply pressure to once more feel your lips 

But these dark blue bruises brought no tears 

Dark blue bruises remind me only of the love I miss 

You Said . 2

You said you vacationed in my love

But what happens now, when the vacation is over 

What does your heart feel?

Can it feel at all? 

What happens now, our spirits intertwined 

Permeated with stagnation 

Do you, too, feel the dark pit

Confined by the clouded mind 

What happens now? 

The vacation is over. 

You Said . 3

You said you were undeserving 

And maybe you were right 

As I found both comfort and insecurity 

Between those white sheets. 

Take a trip with me 

Vacation with me 

To your bed once again 

Where it was dark and hot 

And your dreams made you scream aloud, 

Where I held you, I soothed you 

Kissed your chest so you’d know I hadn’t left

So you’d know

I was always yours 

Yours always 

Yours still. 

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