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Student athletes at UW can now earn money. But it’s complicated

Student athletes can capitalize on their name and likeness after a SCOTUS ruling in June, but they are tasked with following a rigorous set of guidelines. This story illuminates process that college athletes must follow in order to partake in brand deals as well as some of the difficulties that many of them encounter. Three University of Washington student-athletes provided their takes, providing a local appeal to a nation-wide matter. 

Surviving FGM: Dena Igusti Discusses Trauma, Poetry, Identity, and Healing

Dena Igusti, a survivor of genital cutting which they endured as a child in Indonesia, is a poet and anti-FGM advocate. In this interview, they discuss their experiences with grief, emotion, and loss. Notions of family, faith, and gender, are sorted and challenged within their account of their personal journey toward healing. 

Seattle for Everyone points at new ‘efficient, consistent, and predictable’ direction for city’s inefficient, inconsistent, and unpredictable design review process

This piece was written after interviewing and investigating the Seattle for Everyone coalition. This coalition, while claiming to assist with housing affordability, houses other agendas like eliminating design review in the city. In this story, I measure the validity of the organization’s claims through comparing interviews with chair Jack McCullough, and interviews with those of his critics. 

OnlyFans – Addressing the Controversies

Millions of creators have found a home for content creation on the OnlyFans, although there are many critics of online sex workers. While stereotypes about the site’s creators persist, creators continue to create a unique experience for the subscribers.

Israel’s Violence Against Palestine: What You Need to Know

This story covered the emergence and history surrounding the Israel-Palestine conflict. I liked reporting on this topic because it was incredibly relevant to the contemporary news cycle, especially one that was pursuing a lot of disinformation. I think that the images worked really well for the story, providing maps and graphs.

Law as an Ally to Black Lives Matter

This is a research piece which utilized different peer reviewed sources to analyze Law’s connection to the BLM movement. This piece utilizes prior research and published studies to assert that litigation is a necessary means for mobilization of social movements. Although the law has contributed to the oppression of the black community, this research illustrates that a partnership between grassroots advocacy and litigation through the courts provides a path for mobilization to actualize. 

TUC Talk Episode 2: Overcoming Racial Stereotypes

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